Hello Hawk - Hot Monotony

Hello Hawk, goodbye cool world

We have ceased to exist. As a band. Not as individual people, because as human beings, we still, in fact, exist. For the time being anyway. Much like your favorite episode of Friends, a Neato Burrito burrito, or Axl Rose's career, all good things must come to an end. Like our band.

Because we love ourselves so much, we're keeping this website going. We're telling ourselves it's for posterity, but really it's just for us. And for you.

We'll prove it to you. We're giving away every song we ever recorded in a nice, neat little package called Hot Monotony. We think that title is as accurate a description as you can get for describing any album ever.

So download the songs below, and prepare to be meh'd.

This big link right here is what you want to click on if you want to download all of the songs and artwork. Do it. You won't regret it. Or maybe you will. I know I did.

Download Hot Monotony, the Complete Album

All of this other stuff is included in the zip file above, but maybe since the artwork is the best part of the whole package, that's all you want to download. So do that here.

Bonus! We also recorded one other song that we didn't put on Hot Monotony. I'm sorry for lying earlier when I said that "every song we ever recorded" was included on the album. That song is this song: Girls. By the Beastie Boys. This means that 27.3% of all the songs we ever knew how to play were cover songs. Does that make us a cover band? Yes. And no.

Girls (Beastie Boys cover)

The Band

Some or all of these people may or may not have ever been members of Hello Hawk. You decide.

Jillian Ambrose


Erin Kauffman

Philbot 5000

Chim Richalds

Eric Salczynski

RGLRSTV Sonricker

Emi Thomas